Function :
  • SOILMAX has a proven ability to significantly improve water quality parameters and, as a result, animal performance.
  • SOILMAX helps maintain good water quality through ammonia control and nitrite reduction.
  • SOILMAX also helps in pond bottom cleaning and maintaining good sediment quality.
Function :
  • Microbial strains are specially selected to ensure water quality and pond bottom balance through:
  • Quick absorption of NH3
  • Creating a powerful nitrification process against the formation of NO2
  • Creating the highest beneficial microbial population in the pond
  • The most powerful Vibrio control today, reducing the risk of premature death of EMS and white feces disease
  • Fast stabilizing environment and accelerate the starting cycle in the stage algae or algae collapse
  • Treating and restoring the best pond environment during algae outbreak, red water or dark, consistency of water high.
Function :
  • Decompose quickly the black mud layer at the navel of the pond and maintain the decomposition activity of the bottom layer during the rearing process thanks to the Senssile system, while supporting other beneficial bacteria in the operation.
  • Minimize the formation of toxic gases in the pond and reduce anaerobic conditions in the pond
  • Microbiology is strong and highly adaptable in most aquaculture pond environments
  • Good control of pond bottom environment helps improve health and habitat for the pond
PRO EZ Waste Digester
Function :
  • Provide useful bacteria that help to quickly break down organic humus, shrimp waste.
  • Improve water quality, clean bottom and pond water, reduce sludge formation, create favorable conditions for shrimp to develop.
  • Reduce the concentration of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Stabilize the phytoplankton and phytobenthos.
  • Reduce the number of Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria. Reduce disease.
Function :
  • High-grade minerals enhance bio-mineral content.
  • Improve shell creation process, hard shell fast, anti-shrimp phenomenon curved body.
  • Increasing alkalini, beautifying water color and stabilizing pH.
  • Improve survival rate and enhance the development of phytoplankton. Reduce toxic gas and sediment in the pond.
  • Maintaining bottom conditions and strengthen the natural feed chain for shrimp.
Multi-trace minerals help shrimp hard shell fast
MIX 500
Function :
  • Provide minerals needed for shrimp growth and development
  • Help shrimps molt properly, firm, hard shell after peeling.
  • Reducing shock for shrimps in changing weather conditions and increasing survival rate by absorbing necessary minerals in the breeding process
Provide mineral, alkaline stability and pH for rearing ponds
Function :
  • Contains ingredients that increase alkalinity, stabilize pH in the pond
  • Maintain pH stability through improved carbonate buffer and bicarbonate
  • Is the solution to maintain osmosis and molting ability of shrimp
Alkaline Management And Nitrate Process In Aquaculture Ponds
MIX 500 (Hot mineral)
Function :
  • Supplying minerals needed for shrimp growth and development
  • Help shrimps molt properly, firming, hard shell after peeling. Overcoming the phenomenon of soft shell, slow peeling in farmed shrimp
  • Reducing shock to shrimps in changing weather conditions and increasing survival rate by absorbing necessary minerals in the breeding process.
Hot mineral
Function :
  • Sự lựa chọn cho loại nấm men đặc hiệu có hoạt lực và thời gian hoạt hóa rất nhanh, chủng duy nhất sản sinh lactic, bám dính vào các tế bào biểu mô của đường ruột và ức chế hoạt động của độc tố vi sinh vật. Tạo cơ chế kháng bệnh tốt với các bệnh đường ruột của tôm (lỏng ruột, phân nổi, phân trắng).
  • Tăng khả năng hấp thu và sản sinh một số enzyme trong quá trình tiêu hóa thức ăn, kết dính mầm bệnh là một yếu tố quan trọng và rất khác biệt trong cơ chế hoạt động của BioSaft New.
  • Mặt khác peptide hoạt tính sinh học sẽ cung cấp thêm dinh dưỡng dễ hấp thu cho hệ tiêu hóa đơn giản của tôm.
  • Protein, peptide và nucleotides còn giúp tôm chống chịu tốt với các vấn đề về stress môi trường, đặc biệt là stress lạnh. BioSaft New sẽ là giải pháp khả dĩ giữ ổn định cho sức khỏe tôm khi thời tiết lạnh.
  • Điều hòa các phản ứng làm tăng cường hệ miễn dịch, chống oxy hóa và tăng tích trữ cơ thịt cho tôm.
Tiêu hóa thức ăn tốt hơn với hệ nấm men hoàn toàn mới và peptide hoạt hóa sinh học
Function :
  • ​​​​​​
  • Optimize gut health through the prevention of inflammation, prevent the synthesis of phosphorus in the process of creating biofilm of harmful bacteria.
  • Protecting epithelial cells in shrimp body and self-attaching pathogens to reduce bad effects caused by pathogens to ensure better shrimp growth.
  • The only yeast that can balance the gut bacteria like lactic acid bacteria, this yeast has an outstanding advantage of being able to resist antibiotics.
  • Helps gut health, good feed absorption and good growth.
  • Effective prevention of agents that cause gut diseases on shrimps.
Function :
  • Add Betaglucan to shrimp feed to increase resistance
  • Multi-strain inactivated yeast mixture, is a strong Vibrio antagonist component thereby increasing resistance, reducing the penetration of germs
  • Stimulate perfect immune system, improve intestinal system and intestinal mucosa most effectively by connecting bacteria causing pathogens (Vibrio, E.Coli, Salmonella)
  • Optimize growth in case of white shrimp disease
  • Combined with PRO GUT will be a complete duo for reducing the impact on 50% of the shrimp growth retardation caused by spore germs (EHP)
Function :
  • Tăng cường chức năng giải độc gan, nâng cao sức miễn dịch và hạn chế sự nhiễm khuẩn.
  • Kích thích gan hoạt động tốt và tham gia tổng hợp Lipoprotein giúp tôm hấp thu toàn bộ dinh dưỡng trong thức ăn.
  • Ngăn ngừa khắc phục các bệnh về gan, nâng cao khả năng tái tạo tế bào gan bị tổn thương.
  • Cung cấp vitamin và acid amin cần thiết giúp tôm tăng trưởng nhanh.
Function :
  • Highly effective bactericidal, active against a wide range of microorganisms including Gram (-), Gram (+), fungi, bacterial spores, viruses
  • Under the action of Power gluta for strong antiseptic and non-tolerance features
  • Treating bacterial diseases such as: black gill, beard amputation, auxiliary part necrosis and dark spots
  • Preventing and treating diseases when widespread diseases, ensuring safe farming areas.
Function :
  • Kill bacteria, protozoa, fungi that are sources of disease in pond water.
  • Treatment of mycelia, toxic algae in ponds, control and control of algae density in the pond
  • Preventing and treating bacterial, protozoa and zoothamnium diseases that cause black-gill, algae, sticky, tail-wear and beard diseases in shrimp
Function :

• Destroying Vibrio parahaemolyticus causing harm to shrimp cultured with specific bactericidal agents.

• Actively control the density of pathogenic bacteria from Vibrio species (parahaemolyticus, alginolyticus, vunificus, harveji). Through use and re-testing on TCBS agar plates

• Does not affect the pond water environment, does not affect algae, supports the ability to reduce odors from toxic gases H2S

Kill Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Function :
  • Reducing the turbidity of the water, depositing alluvial particles due to heavy rains wash away mud, alum and heavy metals into the pond.
  • Handling 4 - 5 kg / 1000 m3 reduces the turbidity of the water
  • Re-stabilize the pond environment during rapid growth of shrimp.
Strong deposition, bright water color