Thần Vương Blue

Function :
  • Quickly absorb NH3.
  • Promote powerful nitrification against NO2 formation.
  • Create beneficial microbial populations in pond at highest level.
  • Most effective solution for control of Vibrio spp., reduce risk of EMS and WFS.
  • Quickly stabilizes the pond environment and accelerates new cycle of algae in case of collapsation.
  • Restore the pond environment to the optimal status during algae outbreak or unfavorable water status i.e. being dark/red/concentrated.

Product reviews: 

Comprehensive microbiological solution for super intensive farming
Function :
  • MAX4000 decomposes waste and sediment quickly, stabilizes water color and ecological environment of ponds.
  • Creates a system of microbial connection, a natural defensive mechanism against unfavorable bacteria by nutritional competition and antibacterial enzymes.
  • Controls Vibrio spp. density in the ponds.
  • Maintains bio-security for ponds and hatcheries.
Soil treatment
COMBO AG Waste Digester
Function :
  • Contains beneficial anaerobic bacteria strains that help quickly decompose organic matters; improve water quality and pond bottom to create favorable conditions for growing shrimp.
  • Reduces sediment and keep pond bottom clean; reduces toxic gases (i.e. H2S) due to the reduction of anaerobic decomposition at pond bottom.
  • Supports beneficial algae development and stabilize phytoplankton.
  • Effectively controls diseases as an effect of Vibrio spp. restriction, especially Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
COMBO AG Aquaculture
Function :
  • Contains beneficial bacteria strains that help quickly decompose organic matters; improve water quality and pond bottom to create favorable conditions for growing shrimp.
  • Enhances microbial biomass increase the bottom, clean the pond water.
  • Enhances nitrification thereby quickly remove harmful gases such as NO2, NH3, H2S,... inhibiting the formation of harmful algae. Prevents green algae formation and reduces sludge formation.
Function :
  • Unique recipe and ingredients to optimize cost with highest quality.
  • Easily absorbed soluble minerals help shrimp shiny, firm and hard shell.
  • Stabilize alkalinity and minimize pH fluctuations in ponds.
  • Effectively prevent curvature of the body syndrome, muscle turbidity caused by mineral deficiency.

Product review:

Multi-trace minerals, help shrimp hard shell fast, effectively prevent soft shell disease
Function :
  • Phục hồi đất trong quá trình nuôi lâu năm, môi trường nuôi bị lão hóa, cung cấp dưỡng chất cần cho sự phục hồi năng suất sinh học của đất.
  • WATER RICH được khai thác từ lớp trầm tích được hình thành rất lâu trong bề mặt trái đất, vì vậy sản phẩm sẽ mang tính tự nhiên và chứa hàm lượng khoáng chất cực kỳ phong phú.
  • WATER RICH có khả năng liên kết với nhiều gốc kim loại nặng khác nhau tạo ra các hợp chất không độc.
  • Giảm được độc tính của nước và tăng cường hấp thu Ca, P, Mg cho tôm.
Khoáng chất có nguồn gốc tự nhiên, làm tăng năng suất ao nuôi.
Function :
  • High grade mineral that help enhance bio-mineral content.
  • Improve the shrimp shell formation process and molting ability of shrimp .
  • Stabilize pH, alkalinity of water.
Provides minerals for shrimp, stabilize pH, alkalinity
Function :
  • Increase alkalinity, stabilization pH in the pond
  • Maintain pH stability through improvement of buffer system bicarbonate and carbonate
  • Is the solution to maintain osmosis and molting ability of shrimp
The specialized product for alkaline and pH stabilization. Alka Up contains all the factors associated with an optimal ratio required for alkalinity, enhancer buffering system and pH balance in aquaculture ponds.
Function :
  • Bổ sung nấm men sống với đặc tính hoạt hóa nhanh, làm tăng khả năng tiêu hóa thức ăn và hạn chế các vấn đề lỏng ruột, phân nổi, phân trắng.
  • Tăng cường miễn dịch, chống oxy hóa và tăng tích trữ cơ thịt cho tôm.
  • Mang lại tác dụng kép cho sức khỏe đường ruột và chất lượng cơ thịt của tôm.
Tiêu hóa thức ăn tốt hơn với hệ nấm men hoàn toàn mới và Selenium hữu cơ
Function :
  • Optimizing gut health through preventing inflammation, blocking phosphorus synthesis in biofilm of harmful bacteria.
  • Protects the epithelial cells in shrimp body and self-adhesives pathogens to reduce the adverse effects caused by pathogens to ensure better shrimp growth.
  • Yeast has the unique ability to help balance the intestinal flora similar to Lactic bacteria.
  • Helps a healthy gut, absorbs food well and grows well.
  • Effective prevention of gut pathogens in shrimp.

Product reviews:

New yeast for aquaculture
Function :
  • AQUAMOS is a combination of yeast strains.
  • AQUAMOS contributes to the reduction of EHP infection levels.
  • Optimal growth when shrimp has white feces.
  • Use of AQUAMOS preventing and overcoming the standard EHP challenge contributes to a reduction in the apparent EHP infection load and associated growth loss in immature white shrimp. This is expected to help maintain a more successful crop in the presence of other pathogens, to facilitate crop management and preserve production schedules.
  • Combined with PRO GUT to reduce the effect of slow growth caused by EHP.

Product reviews:

Optimize the growth rate due to the effect of spore germs
Function :
  • The product is completely extracted from herbs to help control and inhibit the growth of bacteria present in the liver and gut.
  • Reducing the risk of disease caused by bacteria, reducing the toxicity secreted by pathogenic bacteria.
  • Support to improve the health and color of hepatopancreas in changing weather conditions.

Product reviews:

Herbal extracts, good liver function and prevent bacterial diseases
Function :
  • Active against a variety of microorganisms including Gram (+), Gram (-) bacteria, fungi, bacterial spores, virus
  • POWER GLUTA for strong antiseptic features and bacteria has no resistance
  • Special treatment of bacterial diseases such as black gills, tail rot and black spots
  • Preventing and treating diseases when diseases occur on a large scale, ensuring safe farming areas.


Function :
  • Kill bacteria causing phosphorescent, white feces, tail wear, beard breaks, black gill, black spots on shrimp
  • Preventing bacterial and viral pathogens, ensuring biosecurity for the pond environment
  • Effective fast, safe, non-toxic, does not kill algae, does not affect the pond environment and does not leave residues on shrimp.
Kill bacteria, fungi, vius, protozoa
Function :
  • Kill bacteria, protozoa, fungi that are sources of disease in pond water.
  • Treatment of mycelia, toxic algae in ponds, control and control of algae density in the pond
  • Preventing and treating bacterial, protozoa and zoothamnium diseases that cause black-gill, algae, sticky, tail-wear and beard diseases in shrimp
Function :
  • Kill Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Vibrio Harveyi are pathogens EMS disease.
  • Do not drop algae or fluctuate water quality.
  • Safe and effective without shocking shrimps.


Kill Vibrio parahaemolyticus, causing EMS disease in shrimp