Function :
  • Effectively controls Vibrio population by preventing the development of Vibrio in shrimp pond.
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria protects shrimp against disease caused by harmful bacteria.
  • Decompose organic matters, reduce pond waste.
  • Improve water quality and clarity.
  • Enhance gut health.
  • Improve immune system.
Special selected probiotics for hatchery and nursery.
Function :
  • Quickly absorb NH3.
  • Promote powerful nitrification against NO2 formation.
  • Create beneficial microbial populations in pond at highest level.
  • Most effective solution for control of Vibrio spp., reduce risk of EMS and WFS.
  • Quickly stabilizes the pond environment and accelerates new cycle of algae in case of collapsation.
  • Restore the pond environment to the optimal status during algae outbreak or unfavorable water status i.e. being dark/red/concentrated.

Product reviews: 

A selected blend of probiotics designed for highly intensive farming
Function :
  • Decompose organic matters.
  • Manage alge density, stablize eco system.
  • Improve waters quality supporting growth rate.
Special probiotics for water treatment in shrimp cultivation.
Function :
  • Provide vitamin C to increase resistance, reduce the impact of environmental impacts on shrimp body
  • Resisting the effects of infection and oxidation, increasing disease resistance when environment changes pond environment, weather and other adverse conditions
  • Maintaining the health of shrimp in harsh pond conditions contribute to improving survival and resistance to diseases
Increasing resistance against shock, stress for shrimp
Function :
  • Strengthen liver detoxification function, improve immunity and limit infection.
  • Stimulate liver to work well and participate in Lipoprotein synthesis to help shrimp absorb all nutrients in food.
  • Preventing and repairing liver diseases, improving the ability of regenerating damaged liver cells.
  • Providing essential vitamins and amino acids to help growth shrimp.
Function :
  • Provide essential minerals essential for shrimp, help shrimp grow and gain weight quickly.
  • Promotes rapid molting and hardening of shells after molting as well as new shell formation in shrimp.
  • Maintaining osmotic pressure regulation in the shrimp body during adverse weather increases survival rate.
  • Preventing body curvature, soft shell due to lack of minerals.
  • Supports mineral imbalance problems in low salinity, freshwater culture areas.