• Function :
    • Supply of amino acids, essential vitamins for the growth and development of shrimp
    • Stimulate prey capture, characteristic flavor to help shrimps eat more, grow fast.
Technical Information



Organic selenium, which reduces stress, fights oxidation


» Describe:

  • Selenium Pro is a source of organic selenium with high bioavailability. The main active ingredient of Selen Pro is L-Selenocystein and L-Selenomethionine.
  • L-Selenocysteine ​​plays a key role in fighting oxidative stress as a key component in the structure of antioxidant enzymes, especially Glutathione Peroxidase.
  • L-Selenomethionine is a precursor to Selenocysteine, which can be highly bound to proteins in the body as a source of Selenium.
  • Selen Pro is obtained from the yeast of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, especially cultured in a Sodium Selenite-rich environment that is transported biologically by yeast cells to organic form.


» Dosage and Administration:

  • Strengthening resistance, anti-stress and anti-oxidation: Use 1g / kg of feed, continuous use throughout the culture period
  • Enhance recovery after disease, improve carcass quality (maintain lipid content): Use 1,5 g / kg of feed
  • Mix the product with sufficient amount of clean water to mix well into the feed, robe with the appropriate product. Let dry for 15-20 minutes and feed shrimp



Function :
  • The product is completely extracted from herbs help control the growth of bacteria present in the liver and intestines.
  • Reducing the risk of bacterial diseases, reducing virulence caused by pathogenic bacteria
  • Support to improve the health and color of pancreatic liver in changing weather conditions.
Herbal extracts, good liver function and prevent bacterial diseases
Function :
  • Optimize gut health through the prevention of inflammation, prevent the synthesis of phosphorus in the process of creating biofilm of harmful bacteria.
  • Protecting epithelial cells in shrimp body and self-attaching pathogens to reduce bad effects caused by pathogens to ensure better shrimp growth.
  • The only yeast that can balance the gut bacteria like lactic acid bacteria, this yeast has an outstanding advantage of being able to resist antibiotics.
  • Helps gut health, good feed absorption and good growth.
  • Effective prevention of agents that cause gut diseases on shrimps.
Yeast living in aquaculture
Function :
    • Add Betaglucan to shrimp feed to increase resistance
    • Multi-strain inactivated yeast mixture, is a strong Vibrio antagonist component thereby increasing resistance, reducing the penetration of germs
    • Stimulate perfect immune system, improve intestinal system and intestinal mucosa most effectively by connecting bacteria causing pathogens (Vibrio, E.Coli, Salmonella)
    • Optimize growth in case of white shrimp disease
    • Combined with PROLACT will be a complete duo for reducing the impact on 50% of the shrimp growth retardation caused by spore germs (EHP)
Stimulating the immune system for shrimp
Function :
  • Effective prevention of white feces and Hepatopancreatic Necrosis 
  • Better protect the intestinal wall of shrimp, thereby preventing the penetration of germs, causing growth retardation
  • Improves FCR
  • Improves feed uptaken and digestion
Mono sur, a combination of organic acid and fatty acid. Effective prevention of white feces and hepatopancreas disease
Function :
  • Super minerals for shrimps, help absorb quickly and timely respond to shrimp metabolism
  • Promote the process of uniform molting and hardening of shells after peeling as well as the process of forming new shells on shrimps, making beautiful sheaths.
  • Enhance the absorption of protein in the body of shrimp because PRO TRAMIN contains a number of important mineral components in the regulation of Enzyme to digest food, helping shrimp to optimal absorption of Protein in feed and organic mineral system to good growth and development
  • Combined with many amino acids increases immunity, reduces infection rate, increases survival rate
  • Especially PROTRAMIN ensures mineral imbalance issues in low salinity, freshwater culture areas.


Organic mineral, enhances calcium absorption, enhances muscular turbidity and body curvature
Function :
  • Canforta is a complete mixture of vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals for shrimps that cannot be synthesized by the body.
  • Vitamins A and D3 are essential for connective tissue formation and cell division for shrimp growth
  • Vitamin B1, B6 are necessary for protein metabolism, stabilizing the shrimp nervous system
  • Supplying amino acids, minerals necessary for growth and maintaining osmotic stability for shrimp body
  • The benefits of Canforta: increase resistance, stimulate the immune system, overcome the phenomenon of slowing down the growth of the herd, shrimps, recovering health quickly after disease, shock and stress when the environment changes , protein metabolism in food is better. Shrimp gain weight fast.
The perfect combination of vitamins and amino acids of high absorption, helping shrimp to gain weight fast
MAX GRO (Powder)
Function :
  • Providing essential vitamins and nutrients for shrimp growth and development
  • Stimulate shrimp to catch prey and better absorb feed thanks to the characteristic taste of the product
  • Recover health and digestive function after using antibiotics


Stimulate weight gain, promote molting process
MAX GRO (Liquid)
Function :
  • Providing essential vitamins and nutrients for shrimp growth and development
  • Stimulate shrimp to catch prey and absorb feed better thanks to the characteristic flavor of the product
  • Recover health and digestive function after using antibiotics

» Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Vitamin supplementation and stimulation of feeding: 3-5 ml / kg of feed.
  • Rapid weight gain, reduced herd: 7-10 ml / kg feed.
  • Dissolve the product with enough clean water, mix well with feed. Put on a suitable shirt, dry for 15-20 minutes before feeding
Stimulate weight gain, promote molting process
Function :
  • Nucleotides supplementation is a necessary condition for the growth process, regulating nutrient absorption activities and facilitating the acceleration of cell replication.
  • Provides essential complexes of vitamins, essential nutrients for protein metabolism in feed
  • Improving nutritional value when mixed into shrimp feed
  • Increase weight quickly and reduce FCR
Providing Nucleotides, enriching nutritional value for feed. Stimulates metabolism and metabolism
Function :
  • Beta glucan yeast extract helps stimulate the perfect immune system for shrimp
  • Enhance disease resistance, anti-infection effects
  • Improving natural defenses in shrimp and responding to resistance to hepatopancreas disease.


Enhance immunity, fight infection effects