TV BLUE - 0199


  • Function :
    • The product is completely extracted from herbs help control the growth of bacteria present in the liver and intestines.
    • Reducing the risk of bacterial diseases, reducing virulence caused by pathogenic bacteria
    • Support to improve the health and color of pancreatic liver in changing weather conditions.
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Technical Information


Function :
  • Supplying beneficial microorganisms, enzymes, balancing intestinal enzyme system.
  • Increasing the intestinal enzyme system in the intestine helps better metabolism and absorption of protein.
  • Compete with harmful bacteria (Vibrio) that cause diseases of the hepatopancreas and gut.
  • Stimulating digestion, shrimps eat a lot, grow fast.
Digestive enzymes help shrimp absorb better nutrition
Function :
  • Providing live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae stabilizing intestinal enzyme system.
  • Delivers enlarged intestinal effect after 3 days of use, enabling shrimp to absorb better.
  • Especially effective when the intestinal weak, broken intestine, limiting disease-causing bacteria to grow because PRO SAC quickly restores the lining and epithelial cells in the intestine of shrimp.
  • Effective prevention and treatment of white feces and related intestinal diseases.
  • Increasing survival and weight gain.
Stimulate shrimp to eat more
Function :
  • Strengthen liver detoxification function, improve immunity and limit infection.
  • Stimulate liver to work well and participate in Lipoprotein synthesis to help shrimp absorb all nutrients in food.
  • Preventing and repairing liver diseases, improving the ability of regenerating damaged liver cells.
  • Providing essential vitamins and amino acids to help growth shrimp.
Function :
  • Add Betaglucan to shrimp feed to increase resistance
  • Multi-strain inactivated yeast mixture, is a strong Vibrio antagonist component thereby increasing resistance, reducing the penetration of germs
  • Stimulate perfect immune system, improve intestinal system and intestinal mucosa most effectively by connecting bacteria causing pathogens (Vibrio, E.Coli, Salmonella)
  • Optimize growth in case of white shrimp disease
  • Combined with PRO GUT will be a complete duo for reducing the impact on 50% of the shrimp growth retardation caused by spore germs (EHP)
Optimize the growth rate due to the effect of spore germs
Function :
  • Canforta is a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals for shrimps that cannot be synthesized.
  • Vitamins A, D, E are necessary for the formation of connective tissue and cleavage of cells for shrimp growth.
  • Vitamin B1, B6, B12 are necessary for protein metabolism.
  • Provides essential nutrients for growth shrimp.
  • Benefits: Increase resistance, stimulate the immune system, improving growth shrimp, recovering health quickly after being sick, shock and stress when the environment changes, protein metabolism in feed is better.


Vitamin and amino acid, helps growth fast for shrimp.
Function :
  • Improve shrimp digestive system by special digestive enzyme system. Effectively prevent white feces, loose stools.
  • Prevent bacteria causing intestinal diseases, reduce feed ratio, increase profits.
  • Enhance immunity, perfect the immune system, maintain maximum health for farmed shrimp
  • Improve the process of absorbing feed in the intestines, reducing NH3 in shrimp feces. 
High quality water digestive enzymes, prevent white fecal disease
Function :
  • Optimize gut health through the prevention of inflammation, prevent the synthesis of phosphorus in the process of creating biofilm of harmful bacteria.
  • Protecting epithelial cells in shrimp body and self-attaching pathogens to reduce bad effects caused by pathogens to ensure better shrimp growth.
  • The only yeast that can balance the gut bacteria like lactic acid bacteria, this yeast has an outstanding advantage of being able to resist antibiotics.
  • Helps gut health, good feed absorption and good growth.
  • Effective prevention of agents that cause gut diseases on shrimps.
Yeast living in aquaculture
Function :
  • Supply of amino acids, essential vitamins for the growth and development of shrimp
  • Stimulate catching prey with specific flavor to help shrimps eat more, grow fast.
Organic selenium reduces stress, prevents oxidation
Function :
  • Supplementing Nucleotides is a necessary condition for the growth process, regulating the nutrient uptake activities and facilitating acceleration of cell multiplication
  • Provide the form of vitamin complex, essential nutrients needed for protein metabolism in food
  • Improving the nutritional value when mixed into shrimp feed
  • Increase weight quickly and reduce FCR 
Supplying Nucleotides, enhancing resistance, raising nutritional value to help shrimp grow fast
GRO C30 (Liquid)
Function :
  • Provide vitamin C to increase resistance, reduce the impact of environmental impacts on shrimp body
  • Resisting the effects of infection and oxidation, increasing disease resistance when environment changes pond environment, weather and other adverse conditions
  • Maintaining the health of shrimp in harsh pond conditions contribute to improving survival and resistance to diseases
Increasing resistance against shock, stress for shrimp