Thần vương NUTRITION

Function :

Microbial strains are specially selected to ensure water quality and pond bottom balance through:

  • Quick absorption of NH3
  • Creating a powerful nitrification process against the formation of NO2
  • Creating the highest beneficial microbial population in the pond
  • The most powerful Vibrio control today, reducing the risk of premature death of EMS and white feces disease
  • Fast stabilizing environment and accelerate the starting cycle in the stage algae or algae collapse
  • Treating and restoring the best pond environment during algae outbreak, red water or dark, consistency of water high.
Function :
  • Pro B rapidly decomposes organic mud in water and pond bottom, creating beautiful water color and stabilizing ecological environment of ponds 
  • Creating microbial linkage system, natural barrier formed based on nutrition competition mechanism with other bacteria, antibacterial enzyme secretion
  • Control the density of vibrio bacteria in the pond
  • Maintain biosecurity for ponds and hatcheries
Microbiology processes water and pond bottom
Function :


  • Provide beneficial bacteria to help decompose organic mud, improve water quality, create favorable conditions for shrimp to grow.
  • Waste decomposition: shrimp excrement, shrimp shells, dead algae build up in pond bottom, stabilize the environment and increase pond productivity.


Function :
  • Provides beneficial bacteria help decompose organic residue humus, improving water quality facilitates shrimp farming development.
  • Increasing biomass activity of microorganisms in ponds, water cleaning, pond bottom.
  • Enhance the nitrification process and quickly remove harmful gases such as NO2, NH3, H2S,...inhibit the formation of harmful algae..
  • Control algae density, stabilize pond ecosystem environment ecosystem
Microbiology processes water and pond bottom
Function :
  • High-grade minerals enhance bio-mineral content.
  • Improve shell creation process, hard shell fast, anti-shrimp phenomenon curved body.
  • Increasing alkalini, beautifying water color and stabilizing pH.
  • Improve survival rate and enhance the development of phytoplankton. Reduce toxic gas and sediment in the pond.
  • Maintaining bottom conditions and strengthen the natural food chain for shrimp.
Multi-micro-minerals, help shrimps harden quickly, prevent shell softening phenomenon
MIX 400 (Hot mineral)
Function :
  • Supplying minerals needed for shrimp growth and development
  • Help shrimps molt properly, firming, hard shell after peeling. Overcoming the phenomenon of soft shell, slow peeling in farmed shrimp
  • Reducing shock to shrimps in changing weather conditions and increasing survival rate by absorbing necessary minerals in the breeding process.
Hot mineral, stabilize pH, prevent bending body and opaque muscles
MIX 400 (Saline mineral)
Function :
  • Provide minerals needed for shrimp growth and development
  • Help shrimps molt properly, firm, hard shell after peeling. Fix the situation of soft shell, slow peeling
  • Reducing shock to shrimps in changing weather conditions and increasing survival rate by absorbing necessary minerals in the breeding process.
Stimulating molting - stabilizing the pond environment
Function :


  • Restoring soil during long-term rearing, aging farming environment, providing nutrients necessary for restoring biological productivity of soil
  • MINERSOIL is extracted from sediments formed on the surface of the earth for a long time, so the product will be natural and contain extremely rich mineral content.
  • MINERSOIL is able to connect with various heavy metal bases to create non-toxic compounds
  • Reducing water toxicity and enhancing Ca, P, Mg absorption for shrimp
Restoration of soil biological productivity
Function :
  • Effective prevention of white feces and Hepatopancreatic Necrosis 
  • Better protect the intestinal wall of shrimp, thereby preventing the penetration of germs, causing growth retardation
  • Improves FCR
  • Improves feed uptaken and digestion
Mono sur, a combination of organic acid and fatty acid. Effective prevention of white feces and hepatopancreas disease
Function :
  • Super minerals for shrimps, help absorb quickly and timely respond to shrimp metabolism
  • Promote the process of uniform molting and hardening of shells after peeling as well as the process of forming new shells on shrimps, making beautiful sheaths.
  • Enhance the absorption of protein in the body of shrimp because PRO TRAMIN contains a number of important mineral components in the regulation of Enzyme to digest food, helping shrimp to optimal absorption of Protein in feed and organic mineral system to good growth and development
  • Combined with many amino acids increases immunity, reduces infection rate, increases survival rate
  • Especially PROTRAMIN ensures mineral imbalance issues in low salinity, freshwater culture areas.


Organic mineral, enhances calcium absorption, enhances muscular turbidity and body curvature
Function :
  • Canforta is a complete mixture of vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals for shrimps that cannot be synthesized by the body.
  • Vitamins A and D3 are essential for connective tissue formation and cell division for shrimp growth
  • Vitamin B1, B6 are necessary for protein metabolism, stabilizing the shrimp nervous system
  • Supplying amino acids, minerals necessary for growth and maintaining osmotic stability for shrimp body
  • The benefits of Canforta: increase resistance, stimulate the immune system, overcome the phenomenon of slowing down the growth of the herd, shrimps, recovering health quickly after disease, shock and stress when the environment changes , protein metabolism in food is better. Shrimp gain weight fast.
The perfect combination of vitamins and amino acids of high absorption, helping shrimp to gain weight fast
MAX GRO (Powder)
Function :
  • Providing essential vitamins and nutrients for shrimp growth and development
  • Stimulate shrimp to catch prey and better absorb feed thanks to the characteristic taste of the product
  • Recover health and digestive function after using antibiotics

» Dosage instructions for use:

    • Vitamin supplementation and feeding stimulation: 3-5 g / kg of feed.
    • Rapid weight gain, reduced herd: 7-10 g / kg feed.
    • Dissolve the product with enough clean water, mix well with feed. Put on a suitable shirt, dry for 15-20 minutes before feeding.
Stimulate weight gain, promote molting process
Function :
  • Absorb NH3 ions in water, purify water and stabilize the environment
  • The crystalline structure of the lump form will easily bind to suspended organic and the toxins stored in the pond make the water look bright and increase the dissolved oxygen in the water.
  • High ion exchange capacity helps to combine toxic gases, reduce odors, fishy smell of water, improve turbidity, sediment residues and viscous algae in ponds.

» Dosage:

  • In the breeding process: 2 - 4 kg / 1.000 m3 of water to mount suspended organic, residual toxins. Make beautiful water bright and increase oxygen content in water.
  • Using 5 - 7 kg / 1.000 m3 to reduce odor, fishy odor of pond water, improve water turbidity, algae sedimentation and viscous foam in ponds
Absorb toxins, eliminate odors, strong deposition, bright water color
Function :
  • Improving water quality, creating favorable conditions for shrimp to grow. Help reduce toxic gas concentration in ponds.
  • Accelerate nitrification in ponds, providing nutrients to increase biomass for Nitrate bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter).
  • Create a friendly environment, maintain the ecological balance of the pond

» Dosage and Administration:

  • Use periodically: 500 g / 3.000 m3 of water, 5-7 days / time
  • Absorb toxic gas: 500 g / 1.000 – 2.000 m3 of water. Application of combined oxygen to give high efficiency in treating NO2
Rapid reduction of toxic gases in the pond, building nutrients for nitrification
Function :
  • Rapidly reducing toxic gas concentrations in ponds
  • Decomposing organic matter in water and pond bottom
  • Limit environmental pollution

» Dosage and Administration:

  • Mix the product with 25-30 liters of clean water and then splash all over the pond
  • Use 454g / 5.000 m3 of water. Periodically every 10-15 days
  • Increasing the dose twice when the concentration of toxic gas is high or shrimps show signs of headaches and shore-up due to toxic gas
Quickly reduce toxic gas in ponds, improve water quality
Function :
  • Rapid absorption of toxic gases such as NH3, ...
  • Helping to solve cases of fish head floating due to sudden drop in pH, rising temperature and lack of oxygen in the bottom.
  • Increase survival rate, reduce shrimp and fish loss rate when cultivating at high density.

» Dosage and Administration:

    • In the breeding process: 1 liter / 5.000 m3 of water, periodically every 10 days.
    • Dissolve the product with water splashing all over the pond, turn on the fan system.
Yucca grants the first floating shrimp, disinfection in the pond immediately