Function :
  • Microbial strains are specially selected to ensure water quality and pond bottom balance through:
  • Quick absorption of NH3
  • Creating a powerful nitrification process against the formation of NO2
  • Creating the highest beneficial microbial population in the pond
  • The most powerful Vibrio control today, reducing the risk of premature death of EMS and white feces disease
  • Fast stabilizing environment and accelerate the starting cycle in the stage algae or algae collapse
  • Treating and restoring the best pond environment during algae outbreak, red water or dark, consistency of water high.
Function :
  • Pro B rapidly decomposes organic mud in water and pond bottom, creating beautiful water color and stabilizing ecological environment of ponds 
  • Creating microbial linkage system, natural barrier formed based on nutrition competition mechanism with other bacteria, antibacterial enzyme secretion
  • Control the density of vibrio bacteria in the pond
  • Maintain biosecurity for ponds and hatcheries
Microbiology processes water and pond bottom
Function :
  • Provide beneficial bacteria to help decompose organic mud, improve water quality, create favorable conditions for shrimp to grow.
  • Waste decomposition: shrimp excrement, shrimp shells, dead algae build up in pond bottom, stabilize the environment and increase pond productivity.


Function :
  • Provides beneficial bacteria help decompose organic residue humus, improving water quality facilitates shrimp farming development.
  • Increasing biomass activity of microorganisms in ponds, water cleaning, pond bottom.
  • Enhance the nitrification process and quickly remove harmful gases such as NO2, NH3, H2S,...inhibit the formation of harmful algae..
  • Control algae density, stabilize pond ecosystem environment ecosystem
Microbiology processes water and pond bottom
Function :
  • Advantages in treating water and pond bottom (clean water, white mud at the bottom)

  • Stabilize and control algae very well in ponds thanks to its competitiveness, biodegradability of organic substances

  • Inhibits and reduces the growth of pathogenic bacteria, microbiology have in PRO B – NEW are beneficial bacteria has a habitat similarities with nature

  • Highly capable of operating under low dissolved oxygen conditions because PRO B - NEW contains extremely high microbiological performance in most environmental conditions.

Microbiological multi-treatment for your pond